Thursday, July 21, 2011

Promotional traffic ticket video - red light, speeding, having an expired license, distracted driving and more

Offers information and resources on traffic offenses in all USA locations. Here, you'll find basics about traffic tickets -- from getting pulled over, to getting a ticket, to whether and how to fight a traffic ticket. Learn about your rights and find specifics on traffic tickets for violations such as running a red light, speeding, having an expired license, distracted driving and more..

Friday, February 18, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions for Traffic Tickets

1. Can I really get a free consultation with an attorney at no obligation?

 Absolutely! When you call our office and request to speak to an attorney, a traffic ticket attorney will get on the phone with you and give you the best advice based on your current situation.

2. Why shouldn't I just pay the fine?
In most states, paying the fine means the ticket will be on your record for the next THREE YEARS.  Insurance companies regularly check their customers driving records and can increase insurance premiums based on your driving record.  Accumulating points results in additional fines and even suspension of your license. Some traffic violations  are also criminal convictions, that's right, CRIMINAL CONVICTIONS!  They show up on background checks done by prospective employers and can even be used as evidence against you if you are sued as a result of an automobile collision.

3. What about Defensive Driving Courses?
Point and Insurance Reduction Course

If you have less than 4 points on your driver's record...
Successfully completing this course will qualify you for a 5% discount on your automobile insurance for a 3-year period, as well as a 2 point reduction from your driver record.

If you have 4 points or more on your driver's record...
Successfully completing this course will dismiss 2 points from your record. The course may be completed once every five (5) years in order to reduce your point total.

Call 877-violation and schedule a class to reduce point associated to your Traffic Ticket.

4. Why do I pay the fine if my lawyer is going to fight my ticket?
When our lawyer appears on your behalf, he or she will bargain with the assistant district attorney or officer of the court to dismiss the ticket, and keep it off your driving record.  This is what you are paying us for. Unless fully dismissed, the fines you are paying at the end are associated to the ticket issued and court fees

5. Does my case go to trial?
In most situations, your attorney will dispose of your ticket at the arraignment. The date you are ordered to appear on your ticket is called the arraignment date and the purpose of the arraignment is to enter a plea of guilty, not guilty or no contest. If your attorney is not able to negotiate a favorable outcome for you, he or she will contact you to see if you want to go to trial.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010 Traffic Tickets

We handle traffic Ticket violations in Florida, Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey and soon the continental US. We are dedicated to defend you and committed to eliminate your points associated to a Traffic Ticket: speed limit , failing to stop at a traffic signal, reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, improper lane change, passing a stopped school bus, and other traffic violation.
We'll reduce or eliminate your traffic points.

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